25 APR 2016 

Monza welcomes the start of the 2016 Blancpain Endurance Series with great success for Kessel Racing


The team from Grancia came to the track with three cars: the ever-present Broniszewski and Bonacini were at the wheel of the new Ferrari 488 GT3 in the “PRO-AM” class, with Andrea Rizzoli also adding himself to the team, the winner of the 2014 championship during his first season at Kessel Racing. Two Ferrari 458 GT3s ran in the Gentlemen class: “the Doctor” Stephen Earle was in car number 111 and was accompanied by two new drivers, the Belgian Delhez and the South African Perel. Marco Zanuttini and the Australian Liam Talbot shared the 888 car alongside the Russian Vadim Gitlin who was a key driver with Kessel Racing in the 2014 Ferrari Challenge.

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