Past glories return to the track, uphill, on gravel: after careful preparation by the Classic department, the Kessel Racing team assists in the most captivating vintage races


Vintage cars designed to compete only require the necessary technical preparation, careful attention to the mechanics and the passion of the driver, to do so once again.

First the Classic department prepares the cars, then the Racing team assists them: it is thus that the most fascinating racing cars can return to the starting line, ready to do battle. Thanks to the care of the Kessel team, we triumphed at the Monte Carlo Rally and the prestigious F1 Historique, on the classic circuit of Monaco. Our customers also dream of bringing their cars back into the race, they follow their preparation, choose the best renovations to make them competitive and able to win. Again. The right car, the right race, the best care: a simple recipe that leads to victory in the most prestigious races, both regular and commemorative.


It’s never too late for any car, it’s never too late for any driver. The Kessel team is always at the ready to bring past glories back to victory


The Monte-Carlo Rally, the Historique Grand Prix, the Bernina Granturismo and many other races: every year we return to the track with the classic cars from our fleet.

Bernina GT
The Ice
Montecarlo historique
Monaco F1 Historique
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