A modern, dynamic structure adaptable to any make and requirement, with the official makers' certification


Our after-sales consultants and our mechanics help to identify the best solution to every problem.

Our workshop is capable of hosting …… cars at once, with separate areas for each of the brands represented by Kessel Auto but also welcomes any other car, whether from our showroom or not. The avant-garde diagnostic systems we use enable us to act quickly on any car, the most modern hybrids included.
The systems utilised by our mechanics are constantly updates, like the real time suspension geometry control, carried out by a complex architecture of camera and laser. But the key ingredient remains the expertise and experience of our people.


Maximum attention and guaranteed results thanks to our people both in the bodyshop and workshop in Grancia


The Kessel bodyshop uses the most recent technology, combined with the professionalism of our technicians, all with a vast experience in the sector

The most efficient result is achieved by combining the latest equipment and professionalism of people with experience and passion: thus the Kessel bodyshop in Grancia is able to offer a precise and timely service to bring the cars that are entrusted to it to their maximum splendour.
Tools such as our digital spectrophotometer allow us to intervene in the most effective, fastest and economical method, solving problems on the paint without embarking on long and demanding jobs. The bodyshop can work on any type of car, from classic to modern and on to racing cars. Furthermore, the quality of the result is also guaranteed by the car makers that have granted us their official certification, Ferrari and Maserati.


Our after-sales assistance starts with the first call to our consultants, who follow the client to conclusion


The certifications obtained by our people and the constant professional updates guarantee the best possible solutions

Each of the over twenty-five people who work between the KESSEL workshop and bodyshop has obtained the TÜV certification and follows professional training courses, often organized by the car producers we work with.
Certified professionalism and constant retraining of personnel allows the Kessel Service structure to always operate at maximum capacity on any type of vehicle.
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