Having tried the experience as a spectator, now it's time to get behind the wheel. Road car or racing car? All you have to do is choose


K Space, our workshop, the showroom: our home is at your disposal, if you are looking for a refined and exclusive venue for your events

A structure that seems to have come from a lunar module, futuristic while spacious and welcoming: K-Space is the result of twenty years of racing experience, when, after the race, we look for a comfortable place to unwind with friends and colleagues.

From the most fascinating tracks in Europe, where we welcome drivers, guests and technicians, K Space can be where you need it, agile to move and quick to prepare. It can be customised on request, adapted to any type of event and in any context, from the paddock to the city center. Maintaining the same elegance.


From the Moon, to the Earth: the structure is modern both in appearance and in the flexibility of configuration and customisation it offers


... to our offices in Lugano, Pambio Noranco and Grancia. A range of welcoming possibilities from the Kessel world


We transform our showroom into an ideal location to host corporate presentations, dinners and cocktail parties
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A real "full-immersion" discovery of the Kessel Auto Showroom and workshops.
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