On the track, in the showroom between Ferrari and Maserati, at the racetrack amid roaring racing engines, in any other venue, Kessel hospitality also means tailor-made events in prestigious locations with the utmost attention to detail. .


Our racing experience has taught us how to start every race from scratch. Our experience in the sale of prestigious cars has taken us on the path to perfection

A dinner amidst the most prestigious supercars, a day on the track at the wheel of the fastest Ferraris, a business meeting in a formidable location, the thrill of a weekend’s racing to follow our team: Kessel events offer an alternative way to live the passion for the finest cars. Contact us for more information or to create a customized package based on your needs. Our professionalism and experience are at your service.


A unique opportunity to drive the latest Ferrari models on the track and improve your skills at the wheel, following the advice of our driving instructors.
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A whole day to experience the thrill of driving a racing car on the track under the careful guidance of our instructors.
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Experience first-hand life Paddock during the Kessel Racing team championship races, live in close contact with cars, drivers and technicians.
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K Space, our workshop, the showroom: our home is at your disposal, if you are looking for a refined and exclusive venue for your events

From the most fascinating tracks in Europe, where we welcome drivers, guests and technicians, K Space can be where you need it, agile to move and quick to prepare. For every other need, the Kessel showroom, a showcase on Lugano, is the ideal setting for special meetings, while the historic Grancia venue is the perfect venue for those who want to breathe their passion for cars.


K Space is a hospitality facility created for the Kessel Racing Team, which offers drivers, sponsors and fans a private location, on the track.
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We transform our showroom into an ideal location to host corporate presentations, dinners and cocktail parties.
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A real "full-immersion" discovery of the Kessel Auto Showroom and workshops.
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Our home is open, just contact us and we will organise together your memorable event.

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