12 SEPT 2016 

Hockenheim sees Rick Lovat take a double victory in the Shell Cup.

Ferrari Challenge

The fifth round of the European Ferrari Challenge will go down in history very well for Kessel Racing, having had a great weekend on Hockenheim's racing circuit with the races of the one brand that is the Prancing Horse, the displays of the FXX, the 599 XX and FXXK, as well as F1 cars of the F1 Client Department of the Prancing Horse House, not forgetting the extraordinary participation of the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Lovat on top in the Ferrari Challenge
A resounding success for Rick Lovat who led the race from start to finish by calling the shots on championship leader, Thomas Loefflad (Stile F) as well as Erich Prinoth (Ineco/MP). Fourth place went to Fons Scheltema (third in the gentlemen), while Cuhadaroglu's race came to an abrupt end when he went off-track at Motodrome. In the Trofeo Pirelli AM, Peter Knoflach finished in seventh position in the race, which saw the victory of Sam Smeeth (Stratstone Ferrari). After Sebastian Vettel's display with Scuderia Ferrari, a moment that sealed the numerous spectators' huge passion around the German track, the second chapter of the Shell Cup was staged. After taking "pole" and Saturday's victory, Rick Lovat was once again awarded the best starting position and capitalised by taking victory after a race where he led from start to finish. Fourth position went to Fons Scheltema, while Murat Cuhadaroglu came into contact with another driver and finished in twelfth place overall, having had a good start that saw him in high ranking positions. Grossmann and Leimer dominated the Trofeo Pirelli with Knoflach crossing the line in twelfth place.

RONNIE KESSEL (Team Principal): "It was a very hot weekend, not just in terms of the weather. Credit to Lovat, he had a perfect weekend with two pole positions and two victories. Credit must also go to Scheltema who collected important points in the race for the championship. Cuharadoglu continues to grow and I am sure that his progress and passion every time he enters the car will soon reward him. The same can be said for Knoflach, who is always very determined and passionate. This coming weekend we will be at the Nurburgring for the last race of the Blancpain Endurance Series, and as always we will go to the track with high objectives in mind."


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