Exuberant and shaped by hand in line with the concepts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Art and Science



Totally revised aerodynamics

The design takes elements from both cars from which it is derived and the aerodynamic package allows 500 kg of downforce to be generated at 280 km/h. The set-up is also suitable for track driving, but the BC Roadster has been tuned to be enjoyable on roads open to traffic as well.

Il Pagani V12 - 802 CV

The Roadster BC's powertrain has been christened the Pagani V12 and is the result of a collaboration with Mercedes-AMG. This updated 6-liter twin-turbo unit delivers 802 hp at 5,900 rpm and 1,050 Nm from 2,000 to 5,600 . The V12 is compliant with the latest anti-pollution regulations.

A road machine created with the latest technologies derived by Pagani Automobili’s track experience

Every effort made by the Pagani team, whose designers, engineers and master craftsmen work continuously to achieve the most extreme levels of scientific research and uniqueness, was focused on the pursuit of an ideal: to exceed the customer’s expectations and repay his absolute faith. This trial of unprecedented dedication was finally completed under the guidance and discipline of the ultimate polymath, Horacio Pagani.

Each and every component of this hypercar is the result of scrupulous analysis and Team Pagani’s critical approach that is specifically designed to constantly question every outcome and achievement. As the only way to guarantee true perfection is to never fall too much in love with the successes attained, but rather being able to observe them with a critical eye.
All this effort was translated into innovation, invention and exploration of unexplored paths in order to break new ground, never follow car trends and always seek to build truly timeless creations. This is the essence of the Roadster BC. Extreme, exuberant and shaped by hand in line with the fundamental concepts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Art and Science, the cornerstones of Pagani Automobili’s creative philosophy.

A road machine created with the latest technologies derived by Pagani Automobili’s track experience and in accordance with the key concepts of its DNA. In other words, an intuitive and easy-to-drive vehicle you can master after just a few miles and in which you can enjoy a full opentop experience without affecting the performance.
From the aerodynamics to its exterior and interior design, and right down to its tiniest part, Roadster BC’s chemistry and combination of advanced composite materials are unprecedented. Also, the elements that escape the eye of the expert have been optimized to offer genuine emotions and reach new horizons on multiple fronts. Like in a sophisticated watch, every single component of the Roadster BC is a concentration of Pagani Automobili’s ultimate design, technology and engineering expertise encapsulated in just 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs).

Can one focus on extreme performance without compromising satisfying, smooth driveability? Can lightness and safety be fused with design and elegance? The solutions lie in the agile and expert hands of those who believe that perfection and uniqueness can only be reached through painstaking care, manual skill and craftsmanship.

Pagani Automobili aspires for perfection, creating the greatest hand-built cars with a true hymn to the Renaissance.


Like all the Pagani, the Huayra BC Roadster exists in limited numbers. Each specimen was customised on request

Technical features

The Pagani Huayra BC Roadster in numbers
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