From the dynamism of the image to the power of beauty


Care dedicated to the attention and aesthetic perfection of the most prestigious cars.

For a motorist, their luxury car is the embodiment of many things: emotions, experiences, performances ... but also character, style and beauty. It is through these qualities that the unique identity of the vehicle and its intrinsic value are expressed at a glance. Kessel Service celebrates and preserves this value by offering a range of care dedicated to the attention and aesthetic perfection of the most prestigious cars, to make each of them the epitome of unparalleled appeal.

Interior and exterior detailing

More than a simple revitalisation of the styling aspect of the car, the Detailing service of Kessel Services aims to restore the aesthetic excellence of the smallest details, thanks to the use of specific products and tools (such as micro and touch-up brushes) capable of preserving the materials effectively. The effect, and one highly appreciated, is long-lasting since it uses substances that do not allow dust to accumulate on the treated surfaces: afterwards, a simple blow is enough to clean even the worst-affected areas.

Wrapping spray

A chromatic cloud capable of transforming the colour of the bodywork: it looks like a miracle and instead is the result of the most advanced technology. It's called Wrapping spray and is used by Kessel Services to change the colour of a car completely and is, if necessary, easily removable. Thanks to a liquid paint, which solidifies in the form of a high-resistance covering film, the car can change its appearance to look different on a particular occasion or to reflect the mood of special days. Wrapping spray, compared to traditional film wrapping, has the advantage of having no limits of colour or effect (even metallic and iridescent) and the possibility of covering even the most hidden details, including plastic parts. The result is perfect, free of smudges, joints or traces of adhesives, even on individual parts of the vehicle such as the rims and mouldings. The new livery can have different types of finish, such as matte, satin, glossy and shiny, and, in addition to covering the car with new sensations, and also protects it from minor scratches and abrasions. Furthermore, the removal can also be carried out in total autonomy without any residue remaining on the bodywork.


There is another prestige, even more exclusive, which makes a luxury car even more unique, even more inimitable. It's the prestige given by personality. Kessel Services makes it possible to customise your car in every detail according to your taste and desires, so that it reflects the style of its driver, embodying their soul and attitude. Changing components, modifying colours, fabrics and materials, intervening on aesthetics with an inimitable touch of originality, even moving away from the car's original design: any aesthetic modification that contributes to giving a car its owner's touch can be made by Kessel's specialised technicians.


For over a century, researchers have investigated the secret of absolute brilliance, the most coveted quality of those who demand aesthetic perfection for their car's livery. Studies on paint pigments have led to penetrate the structure of paint to its atomic level. The results of these experiments now allow the control and molecular manipulation of matter on a dimensional scale of one millionth of a millimetre. It is called nanotechnology and, applied to car treatments, it allows an unparalleled aesthetic result as well as excellent protection from environmental contaminants and atmospheric agents thanks to its great cohesive energy and extraordinary water-repellent stability. Interior fabrics and leathers and even the windscreen can also be treated, thus increasing visibility in rainy weather. The long-lasting treatment and the ease of maintenance and cleaning make this system the best for dressing your car with imperishable aesthetic perfection.


The ritual of washing a prestige car is a delicate and precise operation. This is why Kessel Services offers a car washing service rigorously carried out by hand by expert staff dedicated to this task. Cleaning and drying take place using products and tools that fully comply with environmental standards, using the minimum indispensable quantity of detergents and using a wastewater decantation system that saves water, avoids waste and responds to the necessities of eco-compatibility.
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