Keep your thrills on wheels to drive them to every destination


Safekeeping the most precious cars on the market means offering protection and care to genuine works of art on wheels.

For this reason, Kessel Services is making two garages dedicated to the storage of luxury cars available, equipped with the best technologies on the market, to those who request it.

Kessel Services takes care of the cars in its protection, preserving not only their safety but also their efficiency. This is the case, for example, of hybrid cars, whose batteries need to be connected to the electricity grid to avoid the risk of power failure and the associated restoration costs.

The same care is dedicated to the luxury car transport service: each car can be taken anywhere the customer wishes in a short time and in total safety. The location of the Kessel headquarters, not far from the Lugano (Agno) and Milan (Malpensa and Linate) airports, is logistically strategic and simplifies travel. Together with the customer, Kessel Services plans every aspect of the transport and delivery (even urgent) of the car, not only in Switzerland but in every part of the world. The solution found is always the most suitable, fast and reliable, from transfer by truck to the direct transfer of the car by road with a qualified driver behind the wheel and all the necessary insurance. In the case of transport by sea, the car is transported in special temperature-controlled and salt-proof watertight containers.
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