The most authentic driving pleasure knows no boundaries


Freedom means travelling through Switzerland and Europe, leaving all bureaucratic worries behind and enjoying the pleasure of driving your own car.

After all, the only way to really get in tune with the emotional dimension that only a prestigious car can make you feel is to detach yourself from practical tasks, letting yourself be carried away only by your own feelings and passion.

Kessel Services relieves its customers from any obligation to register their car in Switzerland or obtaining a tourist number plate, which is useful for driving a Swiss car in Europe. The service is offered to customers of all nationalities, including non-European, and includes any detail that can help make the driving experience as carefree and smooth as possible: for example, the supply of a Telepass device to travel on motorways without having to stop at the toll booths.

Kessel Services consultancy is always personalised and designed according to the actual needs of the individual customer. The experience of the staff and the fact of being located in Switzerland allows them to intervene even if the customer needs to sell a car on Swiss soil. In this case, the Car Importation service studies and proposes the most advantageous solutions, such as storing the vehicle in a tax-free customs warehouse, which enables the payment of taxes related to the car only when a buyer is found.
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