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Non-routine work on modern or classic cars.

What most distinguishes a prestige car is the nobility of its status. That's why a car of this type deserves the comfort of assistance and care that lives up to that status. Following this philosophy, Kessel Services has set up its service@home, an exclusive door-to door repair service, the interventions are carried out at the customer’s residence by highly trained professionals and with the support of state-of-the-art portable equipment.

Monitoring the condition of efficiency of a modern or classic car directly at home means getting close not only to the mechanics of the vehicle but also the personal imprint of the owner, approaching with regard to his unique touch, his driving technique and his lifestyle in order to repair or service the car in the most appropriate and functional way for his needs.

In case of more demanding breakdowns, the Kessel Services staff can collect the vehicle, even if it is not registered as in the case of some historic cars, and transport it in absolute safety to the Kessel workshop in Grancia, where more complex and complete work can be carried out in a controlled and perfectly equipped environment. For as long as necessary, Kessel Services will also provide the customer with a replacement car upon request.
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